DPT Advisory Board

The PT Advisory Board facilitates communication between the program (faculty, staff, and students) and the healthcare community to ensure the curriculum reflects contemporary theories and practice.

Jeremy Heinrich

PT, MPT06, DPT Advisory Board Chair

Melissa Hull


Santina Kadle


Ian Kerr

Student Member

Anna Lynd


Jon Mathis


Courtney Niesen

Student Member

Krishna Reddy


Rob Schwab


Debra Turner

PT, MBA Advisory Board Secretary

Kyle Vollmer


Community Partner Awards

The PT Program recognizes the significant contribution made to the advancement of physical therapy by their community partners. The profession we create for the students we educate is just as important as the education we provide. To encourage and foster professional development in the community, the DPT Scholarship and Awards Committee, in collaboration with all DPT faculty will select and recognize professionals in the community for their excellence in administration, education, research, and clinical instruction (as nominated by students). We also have developed an award for lifetime achievement in one or multiple categories of excellence. Every award need not be awarded by the program in every academic year if the faculty does not feel a particular award is merited.

Awards and Award Winners

  Distinguished Physical Therapy Administrator

The recipient of the Distinguished Physical Therapy Administrator Award is recognized for outstanding leadership and management skills within the field of physical therapy administration, be a licensed physical therapist and is presently employed in the field of physical therapy administration.

  • 2022: Mike Shannon, PT, CSCS
  • 2019: Rachel Heyl, PT, ATC, MEd
  • 2018: Debra Turner PT, MBA
  • 2014: Phil Cadman, PT, DPT
  • 2012: Opal Riddle, PT, DPT
  • 2011: Erin (Mallory) Hofmeyer, PT, DPT
  • 2010: Shannon Dunn, PT, MPT
  • 2009: Jeanine Gunn, PT, DPT
  Distinguished Physical Therapy Clinical Instructor
  • 2023: Tyler McLean, PT, DPT
  • 2022: Amanda Winzinsky, PT, DPT, PCS
  • 2019: Marcin Jez, PT, DPT
  • 2018: Dan Baute PT, DPT
  • 2017: Meredith Zielinski, PT, DPT
  • 2016: Emily Osborne, PT
  • 2015: Andrew Burchett, PT, DPT, ATC
  • 2014: Andrew Beardslee, PT, DPT
  • 2013: Sarah Cash, PT, DPT
  • 2012: Andrew Beardslee, PT, DPT
  • 2011: Eric Schneider, PT, MPT
  • 2010:  JD Daruwalla, PT
  • 2009: Dana Gifford, PT, MPT
  • 2008: Jen Sirotak, PT, MPT, DPT, OCS, SCS
  Distinguished Physical Therapy Educator

The recipient of the Distinguished Physical Therapy Educator Award is recognized by both students and colleagues for commitment to academia and the advancement of physical therapy knowledge; is presently employed in a physical therapy faculty position and holds a master’s or doctoral degree.

  • 2019: Tonya Apke, PT, DPT
  • 2018: Chalee Englehard PT, EdD, MBA, GCS emeritus
  • 2017: Terri Glenn, PT, PhD
  • 2016: Sam Kegerreis, PT, MS, ATR
  • 2015: Stephanie Kelly, PT, PhD
  • 2014: Susan Deusinger, PT, PhD, FAPTA
  • 2013: Margret Robinson OT, CHT
  Distinguished Physical Therapy Researcher

The recipient of the Distinguished Physical Therapist Researcher Award is recognized for significant research activities which have positively affected physical therapy practice, has a master’s or doctoral degree and demonstrates recent involvement in research endeavors related to physical therapy.

  • 2014: Jason Hugentobler, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, CWT
  • 2010: Kari Dunning, PT, M.S., Ph.D.
  • 2009: Laura Schmitt, PT, MPT, Ph.D.
  Lifetime Achievement in Physical Therapy Award

The Lifetime Achievement in Physical Therapy Award recognizes a physical therapy leader whose career has significantly impacted physical therapy, health care, and the community; is a licensed physical therapist and has practiced physical therapy for over twenty years.

  • 2023: Kim Tran, PT
  • 2022: Dr. Barbara Sanders, PT, SCS, PhD
  • 2019: Bob Mangine, PT, ATC, MEd
  • 2017: Terry Malone, PT, MPT, EdD
  • 2014: Alan Howell, PT, ATC, SCS
  • 2010: Carolyn Kisner, PT, MS
  Alumni Physical Therapy Leader Award
  • 2023: Bobby Curtis, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, RKC
  • 2022: Lauren Tiemeier, PT, DPT, TPS