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Filling the Theatre Void with ‘Empty Space’

By: Emily Lanter, Staff Writer


The Mount’s Theatre Lab production “Empty Space” is an original theatrical six-episode web series following a climate astronaut as she realizes the importance of colleagues, family, and spirit guides. Read more. 


The Clandestine Pandemic

By: William Sack


Ben, a young man, hovers helplessly above three A.I.s. They each work interdependently to keep him in his mindless condition and blind absorption into his phone. Read more. 


Blue Moon, Here We Go Again…

By: Josh Zeller, Dateline Alum Guest Writer '17


Every Halloween, there always seems to be an incredible feeling of excitement and an indescribable ooky-spookiness in the autumn air. Read more. 


Your Real Life Financial Fairy Tale

By: Elsa Black


If given the chance to be a millionaire, would you take it? Naturally, the majority of people would say “Yes” verbally, but how many of you will say “Yes” financially? Read more. 


Not to Worry: The Kids Are All Right

By: Benjamin Gerdsen, Staff Writer


Can we all just agree that modern medical understanding of viruses is overrated? Read more.