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Cultivating Faith on MSJ's Campus

By Savannah Coomer

Have you wanted to start building your faith on campus, but don't know where to start? Read more.


Dealing With Death

By Kimberly J.M. Wilson '01

If you’ve never experienced the death of a spouse, partner, child, or parent, please stop reading this and place it in your ‘Save for Later’ file—you’re not ready to read this yet.  Nothing prepares you more for the death of a loved one more than, well, Death.  Read more.


Esports: What They Are, Why They Matter

By Theo Schulte

If you’re a student here at the Mount, you’ve likely glared into the dimly lit room on Seton’s ground floor between the Police Department and the West Elevator to see what was going on within.  Don’t think we don’t notice you--we’ve nicknamed the room “The Fish Bowl” because people are constantly staring in. Read more.


Serving Others Through Santa Maria

By Kayla Hess

Doing service not only benefits the community, but it can also have a positive impact on you as an individual. Read more.


Speaker Explores Healthy Relationships, Consent

By Abby Crim and Emily Gantner

Peers Advocating for Wellness (PAWs) brought Mike Domitrz to the Mount recently to speak about relationships and consent. He is a Hall-of-Fame speaker, author, coach, and founder of The Center for Respect and Peak Impact Retreats. Read more.


What It's Like to be Part of the Choir Program 
By Brinna Otto

For anyone who likes to sing, needs to fulfill their art or music credit, or wants to belong to a community of talented and welcoming people, the choir program is a great option. Filled with students of all years, the choir program is a welcoming environment where you can come to learn a variety of music, sing with others without judgment, and bond with some of the best people you will ever meet! Read more.