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Undergraduate Admission Counselors for High School Students

Our undergraduate admission counselors travel throughout the fall and spring. Check out our travel schedule to see when we will be visiting your high school or city!


Peggy Minnich

TITLE: Dean of Admission 
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Mother of Mercy High School
ALMA MATER: Mount St. Joseph University, 1986;  Mount St. Joseph University, MSOL 2004
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Co-op work experience at Procter & Gamble headquarters, downtown Cincinnati location, in the marketing research department
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: Standing at the overlook in Devou Park and looking at our beautiful city and all the wonderful people & opportunities it represents.
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Be willing to take risks and never stop learning.
FAVORITE TV SHOW: Dateline or any type of murder mystery


Amy Gamble

TITLE: Associate Director of Admission
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Seton High School
ALMA MATER: College of Mount St Joseph, 2006
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Participating in an off-campus internship that gave me the opportunity to branch out, learn some good life, and career lessons.
FAVORITE SPOT ON CAMPUS: Check out the stained glass windows in our Mater Dei Chapel…
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Smile and say “Hi” to people you pass along the way. It’s a simple act of kindness, and you never know how it could positively impact a person’s day.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.” – Emily  Dickinson


Marianne Pugh

TITLE: Assistant Director for Traditional Recruitment
RECRUITMENT TERRITORY: All states outside of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana; Homeschooled students
ALMA MATERS: Wilmington College, 2010; Ottawa University, 2012
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Bishop Fenwick High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Playing basketball at the collegiate level
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: I advise high school students to check out a variety of types of schools during their college search process – small, medium, large, private, public, etc. During your campus visits talk to your tour guide and ask lots of questions (make notes in your phone after each visit on your ride home)! Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, revisit your top three options and shadow a classs, chat with Financial Aid, eat lunch on-campus, and go on another tour.  Find your fit! 


DeeDee Morris

TITLE: Admission Counselor and Assistant Softball Coach
ALMA MATERS: Northern Kentucky University, 2014; Northern Kentucky University, MA, 2016
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Shelbyville, KY – Shelby County High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Winning our NCAA Regional Softball Tournament in 2012 and hosting Super Regionals.
FAVORITE SPOT ON CAMPUS: The softball field.
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Utilize all of the resources that are provided to you as a student.  These resources are here for YOU!


Elizabeth Gruber

TITLE: Admission Counselor
RECRUITMENT TERRITORY: Cincinnati area and Columbus
ALMA MATERS: Denison University, 2011; University of Cincinnati, MA & MEd, 2014
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Cincinnati, OH – Ursuline Academy
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Studying abroad in Spain – Not only did my Spanish vastly improve; I was able to appreciate and connect to another country and culture (especially the food!). I also discovered the joy that is coffee, which continues to caffeinate me to this day.
FAVORITE SPOTS IN CINCINNATI: Kings Island & Great American Ballpark
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: I took so many amazing classes in college but since I have to choose one, I choose Intro to Sociology & Anthropology. My professor really knew her subject material and forced us to engage with what we were learning as well as question why we held the beliefs we did. She also insisted we become better writers. She intentionally made the first paper due the week after we could drop the class – I earned a D+. However, my professor gave us all the tools and notes we needed to improve so that at the end of the semester, once we had learned more, we could resubmit the paper for a better grade.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Don’t let the muggles get you down.” – Ron Weasley


Kristen Coughlin

TITLE: Admission Counselor
RECRUITMENT TERRITORY: Cincinnati area and all of Indiana
ALMA MATER: North Park University, 2017
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Southwick, MA – Southwick-Tolland Regional High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: My best college experience was playing on the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team! It was such a great way to stay active and get involved in my campus community.
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: My favorite spot in Cincinnati is Great American Ballpark because I am a huge baseball fan. Game day atmospheres are really tough to beat!
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: A class that changed my life was Intro to Theology. North Park is a small, Christian, liberal arts college and we were required to take two religion courses. Being in Chicago brings a really diverse student population, so as a result the majority of my classmates were not Christian. It lead to such eye opening discussion with my peers. I learned about so many religions and cultures. I will always value that experience!
FAVORITE SONG: “Go Your Own Way” – Fleetwood Mac



Taylor Murphy

TITLE: Admission Counselor
RECRUITMENT TERRITORY: Cincinnati area, southeast Ohio, and Cleveland
ALMA MATER: Mount St. Joseph University, 2019
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Batavia, OH – Batavia High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE:  My senior year we won the 2018 Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference and it was by far one of my fondest memories I have from college.
ONE PIECE OF ADVICE: Take advantage of the Mount’s Career Center. They have great connections and resources to co-ops that will prepare you for life after college.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – Les Miserables


Tim David

TITLE: Admission Counselor and Esports Head Coach
ALMA MATER: Northern Kentucky University, 2018
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL:  Cincinnati, OH – LaSalle High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Study Abroad to South Korea
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Communication 101 (Public Speaking). It taught me how to express myself in both my personal and professional life – how to address a crowd, answer questions professionally and to create meaningful presentations.
FAVORITE TV SHOW: Currently re-watching: The Dick Van Dyke Show



Undergraduate Admission Counselors for Transfer and Adult Students

Our undergraduate admission counselors for transfer and adult students travel throughout the year. Check out our travel schedule HERE to see when we will be visiting your college/university, community college, or city!


Amy Wolf

TITLE: Assistant Director for Adult and Transfer Recruitment
RECRUITS: Adult and Transfer Students
ALMA MATER: Indiana University-South Bend, IN, 2004
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: South Bend, IN – Clay High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Cheering in college allowed me to continue what I enjoyed doing after high school and it allowed me to get more involved on my college campus. I was able to meet many new friends through this experience. 
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: All the parks, especially the soccer parks. My kids play club soccer and that is where we spend a lot of our family time. Cincinnati has some great parks and facilities!
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE:  I always have said it was my public speaking class that made a positive impact on my career. It taught me how to be prepared, organized and confident. Though I dreaded it at the time, I know it helped me grow as an individual.  
FAVORITE SONG: “Soulshine” – Warren Haynes


Casey O'Neill

TITLE: Adult Admission Counselor/Transcript Analyst
RECRUITS: Adult and Transfer Students
ALMA MATER: Pennsylvania State University, 2015
HOMETOWN & HIGH SCHOOL: Erie, Pennsylvania – Fort LeBoeuf High School
BEST COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: Going to the Penn State vs. Michigan football game in October 2013. It was my first semester as a student at Penn State and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. The entire game was a nail-biter and eventually went on to overtime. When it was all over, 4 overtimes had passed and Penn State barely escaped with the W! 
FAVORITE SPOT IN CINCINNATI: My favorite spot in the city is the upper deck of Great American Ballpark. The seats are cheap but the view is spectacular!
CLASS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: Sophomore year American Government class was monumental in the route I took in college. I never cared much for politics up to that point but a professor I had made the subject easy to understand. Years later, I ended up switching my major and graduated with a degree in Political Science!
FAVORITE SONG: “The Adventure” – Angels & Airwaves



Graduate Admission Counselors

Our graduate admission counselors travel throughout the year. Check out our travel schedule HERE to see when we will be visiting your college/university, community college, or city!


Andrew Hoelmer

Assistant Director for Graduate Admission

Admission Areas: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Graduate Business Programs



Allison Kennedy, MA

Graduate Admission Counselor/Transcript Analyst

Admission Areas: Graduate Nursing Programs, Religious and Pastoral Studies


Lindsey Thompson, MEd

Graduate Admission Counselor/Transcript Analyst

Admission Area: Physician Assistant Program