Mount Moment stories breathe life and substance into the unique experiences
held on Mount St. Joseph University's campus and beyond.


Climb Higher

At Mount St. Joseph University, you’ll find endless opportunities and more than enough inspiration
to go further, climb higher, than you ever thought possible.
 Visit here. 



 Heart of a Lion

At Mount St. Joseph University, the Heart of a Lion is one story, told countless ways
through the action and lives our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
It is a story of overcoming, of defending, and of
daring to risk a caring response. Visit here.




Milestone events in the lives of our students are celebrated with passion & dedication from the
Mount Community. Many universities offer similar milestones, 
these stories showcase how the Mount makes each a
personal, profound experience
. Visit here.



Light the Way

 Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni Climb Higher with the Hearts 
of Lions to serve the common good and build a better world.
Spark the match, fan the flame, Light the Way. Visit here.



MSJ Love Stories

MSJ Love stories tell the story of romance unfolding on the Mount's campus,
leading to a special 
union between alumni. Visit here.
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