Are you pursuing your best life? Philosophy can help you find it by tackling big questions: What’s the meaning of life? How can I achieve lasting happiness?

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Philosophy jumps right into the deep end, asking difficult but important questions. Is anything truly how it appears: what if it all is an illusion or a simulation? Are war and crime caused by a few bad apples, or are most people naturally bad? Why is there something rather than nothing? For moral disputes, when is there a middle ground, and when is only one side correct?

Philosophy prepares us for the inevitable twists and turns of real life, by tackling topics like death, the joys of beauty in the arts, life’s meaning, ethical dilemmas, and permanent happiness. After college, you will return to philosophy’s valuable insights and fascinating questions.

The skills of philosophizing are also valued by employers, among others. Sound reasoning can productively resolve disagreements.  Logically combining ideas of various sorts goes far beyond internet searches or memorized formulas that anyone can use. Thinking outside the box generates creative responses to tough questions.

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Liberal Arts - Philosophy Faculty

Christopher Davidson

PhD Philosophy Assistant Professor

Michael Sontag

PhD Philosophy Associate Professor and Dean of Arts & Humanities

Iris Spoor

PhD Philosophy Assistant Professor

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