The School of Education is committed to preparing prospective teachers to understand, appreciate, and meet the needs of children and youth in today's schools. This preparation includes critically examining the role schools play in today's complex and changing society. The School of Education faculty believe this preparation results in competent, collaborative, caring, and reflective practitioners who uphold the tradition of social responsibility, academic excellence, and personal integrity ingrained in the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

At the undergraduate level, the School of Education's programs incorporate knowledge of how students learn and how diverse experiences affect learning when planning and presenting lessons aligned with content standards. Students of the School of Education can also expect mastery of articulating accurate subject matter and applying that knowledge in planning and presenting lessons aligned with content standards.

For more information, contact the School of Education at 513-244-4801.

CAEP Full Accreditation: 2019-2026 

Teacher Education Program Performance Data


Laura Saylor
Dean of Education, Program Director, Assistant Professor