Welcome to Mount St. Joseph’s Department of Mathematics! The programs offered through our department allow students to choose between a traditional math major or a dual major that combines math with another discipline. Any of these majors will lead to a promising career in some of the most in-demand fields in the world today.

Math and Computing Club

In addition to completing a wide range of mathematics coursework, you will also be part of our Math and Computing Club (MC2) where leadership opportunities are available. At monthly lunch meetings and social events, students will get to know other students and faculty outside of the classroom. In keeping with the mission of the university, we also participate in multiple community service projects throughout the academic year.


Our department offers two specialized scholarship opportunities in addition to those offered by the University.

  • The Schmidlapp Scholarship is a $5000 per year, renewable, scholarship for academically talented females in one of our mathematics majors. Click here to apply.
  • The Brigid Marshall Scholarship is a variable scholarship, offered semiannually to math department student(s) who meet academic requirements and provide service to the department. Opportunities to apply will be advertised within the department.

Learn more about scholarships offered through the University.