It’s On Us

This is about us. Sexual and interpersonal violence affects people of all ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientation, and ages. Because our Mount community emphasizes values, integrity and social responsibility, the It’s On Us initiative is here to help end sexual and interpersonal violence.

I Pledge

  • To recognize what is consent and what is sexual assault
  • To identify and acknowledge situations in which sexual assault may occur
  • To educate myself about campus and local resources to support victimes of sexual assault
  • To create an environment in which sexual assault and interpersonal violence are unacceptable and survivors are supported
  • To intervene in situations in which another person could be harmed
  • To exercise good judgement and personal responsibility by always obtaining consent
  • To demonstrate respect and concern for all persons as we are called to do in our Mount mission

Contact Student Affairs for more information