Zen Seifu Transferred from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College to the Mount’s Psychology Program.

zen senior thesis

Would you recommend the Mount’s psychology program to other transfer students?

“Yes, I would recommend the Mount’s psychology program to other transfer students. I say this because pursuing a psychology degree at the Mount has limitless opportunities. Not only, is it affordable, offers state-of-the-art resources & a breadth of academic and extracurricular activities, but this program also allows you to explore unfamiliar terrain, and it is the perfect program to pursue your favorite and still-to-be-discovered academic interests.”


What aspect of the psychology program do you like the most?

“The aspect of the psychology program I liked the most was being sponsored to attend the Southwestern Psychological Association Annual Convention in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after being nominated for my abstract titled “Effect of Social Proof and Information about the Benefits of Donating on Amount Pledged to a Nonprofit” which examined the impact of social proof and information about the effect of prosocial spending on donors’ likelihood of making a one-time donation. Additionally, by attending this convention, I was given the opportunity to increase my networking skills, meet leaders in the field of research, and improve my communication and presentation abilities.”


Department of Psychology