All AYA licensure candidates must have a concentration in the subject they intend to teach. This generally is equivalent to your undergraduate degree with a major in the subject area to be taught. 


Licensures are offered in biology/life science, chemistry, integrated language arts, integrated math, integrated science, and integrated social studies.



Students who complete licensure in secondary education (referred to as AYA by the state of Ohio) receive a Resident Educator License which is valid for four years. With this license, a graduate can become a teacher for grades 7-12 in any public or private school in the state of Ohio. Many teachers with Secondary Education licensure lead extracurricular activities, including clubs, service organizations, and interscholastic sports.

Over time, Secondary Education teachers can take positions of leadership within a school, such as:

  • Curriculum coordinator
  • Department chair
  • Educational administrator
  • Lead teacher.


For additional information, please contact Kim Parker (kim.parker@msj.edu).


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Program Requirements
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