The Mount provides multiple scholarship programs and learning communities to enhance the educational opportunities and academic success of diverse student populations. 

Lions 1st Scholars Community

MOSAIC Scholars Program 

Anthony Munoz Foundation Impact Scholarship Program 

Mission Ambassador Program

The Mount also offers the innovative Mission Ambassador Program, which includes the opportunity for a Mission Ambassador Award. 

  • The Mission Ambassador Program is for students who wish to become part of an intentional community that provides support and encouragement in living the Mission of Mount St. Joseph University. It includes faith programs, mission work, and student-led leadership opportunities. Apply for the Mission Ambassador Award here.

Leading Men Fellowship (LMF) Connections Scholars Program Scholarship

The Literacy Lab’s Leading Men Fellowship creates opportunities for young men of color and increases representation in the field of education. LMF participants must apply for the Mount’s Leading Men Fellowship Connections Scholars program and scholarship during their second semester of their LMF program, and after completion of the first semester of LMF.

View more information on the Leading Men Fellowship page here.

Apply at Leading Men Fellowship - MSJ Connections Scholars Application

ADEI Learning Community

Many Mount academic programs have incorporated anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI) curriculum.  The ADEI Learning Community facilitates the sharing of resources, approaches, and pedagogical ideas among faculty.  In addition, the ADEI Learning Community provides training opportunities for faculty and identifies opportunities for interdepartmental collaboration on ADEI initiatives and events.