Mailing Information


Where do I go to get my mail?

Student mail and packages operate using a smart locker system. These mailbox and package lockers are located in The Lions Den on the ground floor of the Seton Center. You will receive both a text message to your phone, and an email, alerting you that you have received a delivery on campus. The email will contain both a QR code and a password. Proceed to the Lions Den and hold your phone, with the QR code facing the console, and the locker containing your item(s) will open. If your phone will not show the QR code (text only phones) you can type in the password given in the text message on the console to open the locker.

NOTE: Any package(s) which are too large for the lockers will be held in the mailroom to be picked up. The mailroom is located on the ground floor of Seton Center, roughly halfway down the hall as you exit the Lions Den. You will get an email specifically telling you to come to the mailroom for a large package.

University personnel are not permitted to open your mailbox and remove mail. The following are held at the Mail Center (located on the ground floor of Seton) until you claim them: special delivery, registered, and express mail; telegrams; large packages; and postage-due mail. Students are notified of deliveries via e-mail and text messages. Mail is delivered and picked up once a day (Monday – Friday). An outgoing mailbox is located in the Seton Lobby. Residents are required to clean out their mailboxes at least once per week while class is in session.

What is my mailing address?

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Mount St. Joseph University
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