In addition to the general psychology major, students can choose to specialize in a specific area of psychology with our psychology advising tracks.

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The Department of Psychology now offers the general psychology major along with seven new psychology advising tracks. These psychology concentrations will help prepare students for a career and/or graduate school in one of the following tracks:


-Business and Psychology: Explore connections between psychology and business, with an emphasis on consumer behavior, marketing, and management. Potential careers include marketing researcher, advertising sales representative, account manager, human resources manager, consumer psychologist (MA, Ph.D.), and industrial/organizational psychologist (MA, Ph.D.).


-Clinical/Counseling Psychology: Focuses on causes and treatments for mental, behavioral, and emotional problems. Potential careers include clinical research coordinator, case manager, certified mental health professional (CHMP), chemical dependency counselor, children’s services caseworker, licensed professional counselor (MA or MS), marriage and family counselor (MA or MS), and clinical psychologist (Ph.D. or PsyD).


-Criminal/Forensic Psychology: Focuses on connections between the criminal justice system and psychology. Potential careers include victim’s advocate, corrections or parole officer, asset protection manager, criminal records researcher, police officer, forensic psychologist (MA, Ph.D.), and lawyer (JD).


-Health Psychology: Examines how psychological, social, and biological factors influence physical health. Example careers include behavioral health specialist, wellness program coordinator, clinical research coordinator, chemical dependency counselor, clinical health psychologist (Ph.D.), public health professional (MA, Ph.D.), and primary care psychologist (Ph.D.).


-School Psychology: School psychologists work in school settings to help promote student learning and teaching effectiveness. Becoming a school psychologist requires completing either a specialist-level graduate program (typically three years) or a doctoral graduate program (often five to six years).


-Sports Psychology: Explores connections between psychology and athletic performance. Potential careers include strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, sport psychology consultant (MA), mental performance consultant (MA, Ph.D.), and sports psychologist (MA, Ph.D.).


-Health Professions Track: The psychology major, with some additional courses in the natural sciences, is an excellent choice for students who plan to pursue graduate study in health professions in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and public health.


Interested in the psychology major or one of our psychology advising tracks? Visit the Mount’s psychology site page to find out more information!