Dual licensure degree qualifies graduates to teach all students in Pre-K-5 classrooms, including those with special education needs, as well as students with specials needs in grades 6-12.


The Dual Licensure in Primary and Special Education will prepare students with the following licensures: Primary Grades (PreK-5th grade), Mild/Moderate Needs (K-12th grade) Intervention Specialist, and Moderate/Intensive Needs (K-12th grade)Intervention Specialist. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to design and adapt curriculum in order to modify and accommodate the needs of all learners in the classroom or school setting.

Through this all-encompassing Dual Licensure in Primary and Special Education degree, graduates are prepared with the opportunity for the following licensures:

  • Primary (preK-5),
  • Mild/Moderate Needs(K-12) Intervention Specialist,
  • and Moderate/Intensive Needs (K-12) Intervention Specialist.

Students will develop the knowledge and skills to design and adapt curriculum in order to modify and accommodate for the needs of all learners in the classroom.

Special Ed K-12 and Primary Ed P-5 at the Mount

  Featured Courses

Students will successfully complete credit hours in courses such as:

  • Methods of Teaching Science and Social Studies
  • Orton-Gillingham Method Instruction & Practice
  • Human Exceptionalities
  • Teaching in an Inclusive Setting.
  Career Potential

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a Dual Licensure in Special Education and Primary Education major enables you to pursue careers in the following fields:

  • Community outreach agencies
  • Educational program development for corporations and non-profits
  • Elementary or Preschool teacher
  • Intervention specialist

Over time, early childhood teachers can take positions of leadership within a school, such as lead teacher, department chair, curriculum coordinator, and educational administration.


100% career outcomes rate for the 2018 graduates from the School of Education

  Real-World Experience

Field work, provided through service learning, practicum placements, and student teaching immerses students in real-world experiences to apply learned practices.

Students learn instructional and assessment strategies that address individual learning barriers. Candidates are placed in a variety of school settings with diverse populations of students. The program will prepare highly qualified, collaborative, caring and reflective educators who uphold the tradition of social responsibility, academic excellence, and ethical leadership.

Student Voices

“People always say how special the Mount is because of its teachers and other staff members. I could not agree more, but especially because of the Education staff. One can tell that the Education staff at the Mount has been carefully selected and evaluated so that all of us Education majors have the opportunities to be the best that we can be!”
- Hannah Broermann ‘20


The BE THE CHANGE program at Mount St. Joseph University is designed to make earning a bachelor’s degree and teaching license more accessible for those who already have already completed two years (or equivalent) of higher education coursework at a community college. Learn more about BE THE CHANGE here.

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