Mathematics majors learn how to formulate and solve real-world problems.

Formulate the next big mathematical model in biology, chemistry or any other discipline. Create the next encryption algorithm. Develop the optimal airline or industrial production schedule. Educate the next generation of math students. Are you intrigued by puzzles, curious, analytical, creative, organized, rigorous, dedicated and strategic? If so, then the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics may be the degree for you.

Students in the Department of Mathematics will work closely with expert faculty and will learn how to formulate and solve real-world problems. Through coursework emphasizing creative and critical thinking as well as precise and accurate expression of solutions, students gain a deep understanding of the processes in mathematics, methods of formal proof, problem solving techniques and applications of computers in mathematics.

A Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics is intended for students who prefer to focus on theoretical mathematics. Those with an interest in teaching math at the high school level should check out program requirements for a B.A. in math with an AYA licensure. Students who prefer an applied approach should pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics where they choose from a specified list of minors including biologypsychology or computer science.

Featured Courses:

  • Calculus I-III
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Probability/Statistics
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Introduction to Math Computing

Career Options:

With a math degree from Mount St. Joseph University students have endless career opportunities. Some options include:

Graduate School

 Benefits of the Program:

  • The Department of Mathematics is a community, significantly impacting the lives of our students.
  • Math and Computing Club (MC^2) is an academic service and social organization led by the math and computing majors.
  • The Senior Research Project is a yearlong academic endeavor with a one-on-one interaction between a faculty member and graduating senior.
  • Every student majoring in computer science is required to complete a co-op with a relevant business or organization.
  • Our low student-to-faculty ratio promotes personalized attention and guidance.

Professor Highlights:

Meet Dr. Allison Boldrick. Professor Boldrick earned a Master of Arts (MA) and PhD from the University of Louisville. Her research was in the area of functional equations, an area of Abstract Algebra.

News and Updates

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Additional Resources

  Math with Selected Minor Bachelor of Science Curriculum Guide [PDF] (143 KB)
  Math Bachelor of Arts Curriculum Guide [PDF] (143 KB)

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  • Department of Mathematics

    Students in the Department of Mathematics will learn how to formulate and solve real-world problems

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