Students in Dr. Elizabeth Bookser Barkley’s African-American Writers class engage with the Mount’s Artist-in-residence, Michael Thompson, an artist and poet who created the show "The Kool-Aid Wino."

aaw with kool-aid wino


Students in the Mount’s African-American Writers class recently had an opportunity to view the current exhibit in the University’s art gallery. “The Kool-Aid Wino” show was created by artist and poet Michael Thompson, artist-in-residence.

After a brief introduction by Thompson, students browsed Studio San Giuseppe to engage with the art works, many of which included words in addition to art. What followed was a lively conversation with the artist about visual and written representations.

Thompson also shared some of his poetry with the class. 


Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery at Mount St. Joseph University is honored to present “The Kool-Aid Wino” (January 16-February 19, 2024) Michael Thompson Solo Show.





Photo caption: Michael Thompson, center back, with students in Dr. Elizabeth Bookser Barkley’s African-American Writers class.