Q & A With Cornelia Howard, RN

cornelia howard

Dog/cat/other - I have no pets!

Summer or winter- Prefer summer, good weather, nature!

Working days or nights - Nights

Reading a book or listening to music - Both!  A good way to relax

Talking or listening - Listening, I learn a lot this way!

A nap or a brisk walk - A brisk walk 

Bengals/Reds/FCC/other- Bengals when they win!

Urban living or suburban living - Urban

Shopping or saving – I love to save so I can shop!

Binge watching a series or movies - A good movie!

Coffee or tea? - Tea

 What do you like to do in your free time?  Very little free time right now, but going to brunch with friends

How long have you been a nurse? - since 2011

Where do you work now? - Trihealth (ER)

What do you like about where you work now? - getting to know new people

What is your biggest pet peeve about nursing? - inadequate staffing

If you could meet someone dead or alive to talk to, who would it be and why? Michelle Obama (she's an icon and she's brilliant!)

Who are your main sources of support?  My parents

What was one silver lining for you as a result of COVID? Not to take anything for granted, being able to breathe easy, you don't think about it until you can't!


Thanks Cornelia. Your efforts in the ER are appreciated!


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