The MSJ Library has made several initiatives to provide student textbook savings across campus for the 2020-2021 academic year.

woman holding a book by library bookshelves

In August of 2018, Bridget DuMont, M.L.I.S., Head of Research and Instructional Services and Scott Lloyd, M.A., Director of Library Services gave a presentation during faculty convocation on textbook affordability initiatives. Ever since then, the MSJ Library has been continuing to promote these initiatives to faculty.

Affordable Ebook and Open Education Resources (OER) for Student Savings

Ebooks (short for electronic book) are book publications made in digital form to read on a device, providing a convenient way to access and read books. Since Fall 2018, the MSJ Library purchased ebook copies of books that are being used as textbooks in MSJ courses for increased affordability for students.

“During the 2020-2021 academic year, the library purchased ebook copies of about 150 textbooks,” says Lloyd. “These ebooks are freely available to students for students to use, and since the library has perpetual licenses for the books, they will continue to be available for future semester.”

Secondly, the MSJ Library has been promoting OER (Open Education Resources) to MSJ faculty, and helping them identity OER textbooks that can be used in their courses. Since OER textbooks are open access, students can use them for free. Several Mount professors have already used OER textbooks, and a few business courses are utilizing OER textbooks this fall.

"When the library purchases ebook copies of textbooks, students benefit in a number of ways," says Lloyd. "First, they can freely access the book, thus helping them save money on textbook costs. Second, ebooks have features that assist the learning process, for example they can be virtually highlighted, they can be keyword-searched, and they can be read by screen-reading software. When the MSJ Library purchases ebooks, we make sure they meet accessibility standards. Third, eBooks can be accessed anywhere the student has internet access, and they can be accessed on nearly any device. Finally, eBooks don’t weigh down your backpack!"

Save with eCampus Bookstore Rental and Used Books

In addition to what the library has directly accomplished, Lloyd chaired a committee formed in the fall of 2019, where he, faculty, and staff selected eCampus, the Mount’s University Online Bookstore who pledged to partner with the University in our objective to save students money on textbook costs. Students can visit the eCampus website that provides cost-saving options such as renting textbooks (both print and digital) and purchasing used copies. Additionally, textbooks can be picked up in the Roar Store located on the ground floor of the Harrington Student Center.

For a textbook savings guide for upcoming courses, visit the MSJ Library page to learn more. The Library has also put together a guide to help faculty identify ways they can help students save money on textbooks.


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