Ph.D., University of Cincinnati; B.S., The Ohio State University


Сhemistry, nursing chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry and various seminar courses


I chose to spend my career at the Mount because I love the spirit of this place. The legacy of the Sisters of Charity heritage and our founder’s desire to do good in the world for others was, and still is, a profoundly inspiring message. I teach science and in doing so I also play a role in helping young people figure out their path. Advising, teaching, sharing science, organizing information, conducting research that involves students, measuring learning – all pieces of my job description that come together to indicate one thing – ask me to help you understand something or to gain confidence in your scientific abilities, and I will do my best to make it so.

Research Interests:

  • My research into understanding how homeodomain proteins bind DNA sites.
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning – using GFP site directed mutagenesis to teach structure function relationships to undergraduates.
  • My upcoming sabbatical exploring the intersection of biochemistry and water quality testing at the Greater Cincinnati Water Works.
  • The scholarship of assessment, assignment design and the use of Blackboard outcomes for university-wide assessment.

Interesting News:

As a woman in science, I know how important it can be to have a mentor and now to serve as a mentor to future scientists. I am a mother of three young sons and have great empathy for those that have to balance many obstacles they might face along their path. If you are coming from a potentially underserved population and have questions about pursuing a scientific degree please don’t hesitate to contact me – I have special interest in trying to help!


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