We have several childcare options for Mount St. Joseph University students with children.


Infant Room

The Infant Room includes two separate areas for play and sleeping.  One is a fun and open area for the babies to play, roll and crawl, creating an environment for stimulation and learning.  Toys are chosen with the developmental levels of each infant in mind, as well as artwork and photos of the babies displayed throughout the classroom.  Tummy-time is also used, as well as encouraging physical progress such as sitting on their own, rolling, crawling and taking steps.  


There is a separate crib room for infants to sleep peacefully and comfortably with soft music.  The infants also have time in the large muscle room for crawling and standing/walking with push toys, as well as going for walks in the double strollers when the weather allows.  Mandi and Julie utilize their knowledge and skills from many years of experience in Early Childhood education, as well as personal experience from both being mothers providing a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment for the babies to thrive in their care.

The Infant Room cares for babies 3 months to 18 months, with a 1:4/2:7 teacher-to-child ratio.  There is no set schedule for the babies as they sleep and eat on their own individual schedules.  Weekly and monthly lesson plans are designed around the developmental needs of each child.  Each lesson plan is designed based on the Creative Curriculum and posted in the classroom for direct parent access.


Toddler Room

The Toddler Room is an active and fun area for children 18 months to 3 years old.  There are a variety of areas for the children to play and learn such as reading/quiet, science, social play, sensory table, as well as a pretend center area that is full of new experiences.  The pretend center, as well as the toys and books are changed every 2-3 weeks and the toddler room is turned in to a beach, the North Pole, a pet shop, jungle and circus, as well as many others.


There are many activities that are seen and known to parents from the day such as music, artwork, story time and group songs.  However, Crissi and Jenny also work on many other things such as learning shapes and colors, name and photo recognition, manners, sharing, cleaning up after themselves, as well as self-help activities such as washing hands, wiping their own noses and putting on jackets.

The Toddler Room is also involved in many community activities such as giving baked good to the Delhi Fire Dept., taking artwork to the Sisters at the Motherhouse and sending artwork and letters to deployed soldiers.


The teacher to child ratio is 1:7, 2:10.  Lesson plans are created with reference to the Creative Curriculum, and updated each 2-3 weeks with the room change.  They are then posted in the classroom for parents to view. 


Preschool Room

The Preschool room is a cheerful place filled with high energy, learning and creativity.  Linda and Helen believe each child is precious and is treated with respect and tender care.  The preschool room cares for children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old, with a teacher to child ratio of 1:10, 2:16. The Ohio Early Learning Content Standards are followed, which introduce basic academic concepts in science, social studies, as well as pre-reading ,writing and math skills.  There are 11 learning centers to help them achieve their goals.


Preschoolers like to take advantage of the beautiful university campus by embarking on adventures to the community garden, post office, library, art gallery, etc. They also interact with Mount students through viewing magic shows, juggling, listening to violin playing, participating in art projects, as well as class observations. They also reach out to the community by inviting Delhi Fire Dept. and Delhi Pet Center as visitors to the center.


All children are accepted as they are but challenged to reach their potential by focusing on social, emotional and academic development.  The room is filled with love, learning and laughter, making a great place for a child to grow.