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Professor Eric Johnson Earns Stellar Book Review in Inside Higher Ed Magazine

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By: London Bishop

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Associate Professor Eric Johnson, Ph.D. has received a stellar review of his book, Anxiety and the Equation: Understanding Boltzmann’s Entropy, in Inside Higher Ed magazine. The book tells the story of Ludwig Boltzmann, the anxiety-plagued nineteenth-century physicist who contributed significantly to our understanding of the second law of thermodynamics.

The author of the review, Scott McLemee, praises Johnson for his humane and witty portrayal of Ludwig Boltzmann’s life and work that strikes a balance with the technical aspects of molecular behavior.

Of Johnson’s work, Lemee writes: “The challenge for the author, then, is to elicit and reward our interest despite a full and fair warning that the cosmos is not going to seem ‘a more welcoming place because he shared it with us.’ (Not even a little.)  In fact, Johnson succeeds at this marvelously through a combination of dry humor and well-turned pivots between the narrative and expositive chapters.”

Read the full review in Inside Higher Ed.

Dr. Eric Johnson teaches general and physical chemistry at the Mount in the School of Behavioral and Natural Sciences. He also studies the structure of proteins and other biological molecules.

Anxiety and the Equation: Understanding Boltzmann’s Entropy was published on October 16, 2018, by MIT Press.