Mount St. Joseph University

Jumping into College Life, and Not Looking Back

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Ashley Isfort

File Under: dateline

“Welcome to college!” is one of the most nerve-wracking announcements for a newly-accepted freshman. Regardless of your previous schooling or major, every single student in your class starts on a blank slate.

I remember my first day here at Mount St. Joseph University. I was so nervous I felt physically ill at times. I was unsure of how my teachers or classmates would view me and I was scared out of my mind. Sure, I had made a few friends through Mount Roar! or at Welcome Weekend, but how many would I see throughout the school day, how many would I have classes with, how many may I never see again?

Then came my first class of college, “Spoken Word”. As a shy kid with stage fright, I vowed to never take our speech class, “Time to Speak,” in high school. But what I originally thought was going to be an anxiety-inducing 50 minutes in “Spoken Word” actually turned out to be really calming and reassuring.

My first taste of college life, and I already felt more at ease than I did in my fourth year of high school. The teachers here at the Mount are always so compassionate and understanding. They helped me feel like I truly belong here and that I’m not just a number; I’m Ashley.

Since that first day, I’ve become a less stressed student with the guidance of faculty, classmates, and kind upperclassmen. I’m taking a whopping 17 credits, I’m in two choirs and four clubs, and I’m working two on-campus jobs. Through all of this, I’ve not only made more friends, but I’ve matured spiritually and mentally. My advice to new students is to get involved as soon and as much as possible. Don’t hold yourself back. You’re starting from scratch and this is your chance to make lifelong friends and to reach your full potential.