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How to Stay in Cincinnati and Not Be Super Bored This Summer

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Zachary McCoy

File Under: entertainment, summer

As summer quickly approaches and everyone is slowly defrosting from the icy death that was this winter, it is important to know where you should spend the three weeks of nice weather Cincinnati will be having before the blistering heat of the summer fries us all.

I have taken it upon myself to sacrifice potential high grades on my finals and days of school work in order to research heavily the local watering holes and hangout spots in the downtown Cincinnati area.

First is a favorite bar of mine. The Maine Event on Main Street is a sports bar by day and by night there are drag shows. So watch a game, have a beer and then enjoy a free show which is both full of good music and also a great comedic performance by the talented ladies at the Main.

The Banks is an amazing place to enjoy fine dining, hard liquor and also a beautiful view of the river. The only drawback of course is that the banks can be an expensive place to visit, but the experience is well worth it. The Banks is filled with amazing eateries with parks and views of the river to visit in the day time.

Fountain Square is a perfect location to catch a Reds game for cheap. With the huge big screen and plenty of seating, it’s a perfect place to simply relax and watch the game. It is also chock full of great bars including the semi-nightclub, Mynt Martini. The Mynt is a lot of fun and though the drinks are expensive there is plenty of dancing and lots of new and interesting people to hook—I mean, meet up with.

Finally Newport, just a hop across the Ohio River is a nice place to go to before and after a Reds baseball game. The recent addition of Dick’s Last Resort is a hilarious and fun place to grab something to eat and drink.

I want all of you to know that I managed to hit up all of these places and my lack of detail is due to most of my memories being hazed by alcohol and unfit for print in this online newspaper. I’m also of age and made responsible choices.