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Dr. Eric Johnson’s Book on Ludwig Boltzmann Now Available

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By: Sasha Feldmann

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Eric Johnson headshot.

Mount St. Joseph University congratulates Associate Professor Eric Johnson, Ph.D., on the publishing of his book, Anxiety and the Equation: Understanding Boltzmann’s Entropy, by MIT Press.

The book tells the story of the anxiety-plagued, nineteenth-century physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, and the equation he discovered which contributed significantly to our understanding of the second law of thermodynamics.

Dr. Eric Johnson teaches general and physical chemistry at the Mount in the School of Behavioral and Natural Sciences. He also studies the structure of proteins and other biological molecules.

"I've always found Ludwig Boltzmann to be a compelling figure. He was a gifted scientist and teacher, but he also suffered from mental illness and eventually committed suicide,” says Dr. Johnson, “My goal in writing Anxiety and the Equation was to tell Boltzmann's story and to introduce the second law of thermodynamics in a way that would engage a general audience."

The book's official release date is October 16, 2018.