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College of Mount St. Joseph students to watch state legislators debate issues

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Danni Scholl, a junior at the College of Mount St. Joseph, is getting an up close look at state politics in action.

“I’ve always wanted to see how our state elected officials debate," she said. "This experience will give me the opportunity." 

Scholl and 17 of her communications classmates from the Mount will make a road trip to Columbus on November 19 to watch the Ohio senate in session.  The experience is part of an advanced oral communication project, “Citizens Involved in our Democracy.” Students will be able to watch state legislators discuss and deliberate issues.

This is the first trip to the state’s capital that Rev. John Amankwah, Ph.D., associate professor of communications, has taken students on and he is excited. “Speechmaking is an art," Amankwah said. "It’s part of every democratic process. Our students will have firsthand experience of how leaders make effective speeches. The project will also help students come to terms with some elements of the ethical leadership program here at the College."

Students must complete a paper based on their experience when they return.