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Athletic Training Students Take the Field to Care for Student Athletes

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By: BC Charles-Liscombe

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Mount athletic training students practice critical skills

As the fall sports season kicks into high gear, athletes aren’t the only individuals taking the field. Athletic trainers (ATs), as health care professionals responsible for preventing and managing athletes’ injuries and illness, are also preparing for a successful athletics season.

In the first days of August, AT students at Mount St. Joseph University spent extensive time preparing to respond to emergencies that may occur in the first few days of a sports season. 

As part of their clinical courses in the AT curriculum, students worked with the athletic training faculty, EMS personnel, and clinicians in the Athletics Department to role play and practice skills in several critical areas, including managing heat illness, sudden cardiac emergencies, immobilization for a potential cervical spine injury, and airway management.

The Mount's faculty and staff participating in this training were: BC Charles-Lipscome, Tom Gooding, Nicole Harshbarger, Erin Lewis, Brian Lewton, and Stephanie Madura.

student taking blood glucose with a glucometer

In addition, Physician Faculty and Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellows at TriHealth instructed AT students on the need for pre-participation physical exams and potentially disqualifying health conditions that can keep a student athlete from participating in sports. Members of the Mount's Student Wellness Center also discussed with AT students the services available to address mental and behavioral health concerns on campus.

With an emphasis on team work, AT students are ready to head to their clinical sites at high schools and collegiate settings this semester better able to respond in the event of a emergency.

The Mount will be welcoming its first class of Masters of Athletic Training students in May 2019. Students who are interested in are encouraged to learn more about the Master of Athletic Training and submit their application.