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Athletic Training Students Present at local Research Conference

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By: BC Charles-Liscombe

Athletic training students at Mount St. Joseph University were busy on Thursday, April 20th.  In addition to presenting their research projects at the annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning poster sessions on campus, the 9 juniors and 3 seniors immediately left to attend the AT Research Night at the St. Elizabeth Training and Education Center in Erlanger, Kentucky. 

Hosted by Northern Kentucky University, the conference was an opportunity for AT students at four area universities to share their research and scholarship.  Students, faculty and clinicians from the Mount, NKY, Xavier University, University of Cincinnati  and area hospital systems shared research projects, case studies, and critically appraised research topics in the areas of injury prevention, biomechanical analysis, therapeutic interventions, and patient education and awareness. 

Junior students presented research completed as a component of the ESF 330: Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement course in Fall 2016.  Senior students presented critically appraised topic research completed as a component of ATR 432: AT Clinical Perspectives V in the same semester. AT faculty members Steph Madura and Tom Gooding served as judges for the event.

The six presentations included:

Biomechanical Analysis of the Back Squat - Nathan Herdeman, Michael Huber, and Matt Stecht

Biomechanical Analysis of the Backstroke - Jessica Baker, Elizabeth Hipple, and Emily Townsend

Biomechanical Analysis of the Wide Recever Stance and Start - AJ Glines, Madison Perry, and Isaac Cosculluela

Cupping Therapy’s Effect on Musculoskeletal Pain - Sam Barth 

The Effectiveness of Functional Testing and Isokinetic Testing on Determining Return to Play - Katherine Seither -

Adolescent Obesity and its effects on Athletic Injury - Cheyenne Tobler


AT student Cheyenne Tobler, '17 noted, "It is exciting and invaluable for us to share our research with students and faculty both on and off campus. I liked seeing the work of other AT students in the region as well."

Dr BC Charles-Liscombe, Program Director and Department Chair commented,   "This is an opportunity for students to practice their communication skills and translate the latest research findings into understandable terms for both peers and future patients.  Taking a semester or year long project and summarizing that work into a poster can be challenging; this enables them to prepare for both professional meetings and graduate school in the future." 

Following the poster session, attendees heard from Cincinnati Bengal's Head Athletic Trainer Paul Sparling, a 39 year veteran of the NFL.  He provided insights on the team's 2016 season and the logistics involved in traveling to London to play the Washington Redskins in October. He also shared three clinical cases of athletic injuries from initial evaluation through return to participation.

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