Clarissa Rosas | Mount St. Joseph University

Graduate Special Education Program Director and Associate Professor

Department of Graduate Education


Ph.D., Ed.S., University of New Mexico; M.Ed., University of San Diego


Dr. Rosas is the graduate special education program director and an associate professor at the Mount’s Department of Graduate Education.  She earned her Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico with a focus on Bilingual/Multicultural Special Education.  She has a robust background in administration at the building, district and higher education level.  Her classroom experience includes general education; special education both mild to moderate and moderate to intense; English as a second language; bilingual and multicultural education.  Her expertise includes developing innovative programs and curriculum to prepare pre-service and in-service teachers to meet the social and educational challenges of children with special needs who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  Dr. Rosas has published in national and international journals on issues related to teacher preparation.  She also serves as a consultant and conducts numerous seminars on Bilingual/Multicultural Special Education.