English opens a world of literary voices from a variety of cultures and time periods.

The English program is now restructured and accepting students into the new Liberal Arts program; an interdisciplinary study combining faculty expertise and student experience across English, history, religious studies, and philosophy. It can be combined with an English Minor.

You'll develop critical thinking and writing skills, learn to see all sides of an issue and develop your creative voice.


Studying literature and the English language teaches students to write and communicate effectively, to think critically, to see all sides of an issue, and question generally accepted conventions. The courses in English offer students an understanding and appreciation of literature as a part of their cultural heritage, an insight into themselves and modern society, and the development of critical standards.


Course sequences prepare prospective teachers with an adequate background for effective teaching and provide prospective graduate students with the critical skills and historical understanding necessary for successful advance study.

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“The envelope please…English faculty weigh in on this year’s Oscar race.”

English faculty describe what films are deserving of winning this year's Oscar race. Read full story here.

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Department of Liberal Arts

Embrace a variety of disciplines to become broadly educated writers, speakers, and learners prepared for diverse opportunities.

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