Disability Services | Mount St. Joseph University

The University provides reasonable academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to eligible students at no charge.

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Mount St. Joseph University provides academic adjustments and auxiliary aids for students with physical or mental impairments that substantially limit or restrict one or more of such major life activities as walking, seeing, hearing, or learning.

The University provides these reasonable academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to eligible students at no charge, according to students’ individual needs.  Advocacy assistance on disability related issues is also provided.  Eligibility depends on the nature of the impairment and its impact on the particular individual and is based on documentation from a qualified professional.  To learn more, read about our comprehensive disability services.

Students whose primary disability is a specific learning disability and/or ADHD may apply to Project EXCEL. Project EXCEL addresses the needs of this specific group of students through a comprehensive academic support system.  Project EXCEL is a fee-for-service program.  Students must be admitted to Mount St. Joseph University before applying for Project EXCEL.

For information regarding disability services, the Learning Center or Project Excel please contact:

Learning Center and Disability Services
Meghann Littrell, Director
(513) 244-4524

Project EXCEL
Stacy Mueller, Director
(513) 244-4623

Peggy Minnich, Director
(513) 244-4531