FAQs: Campus Computing | Mount St. Joseph University

How can I print while on campus?
Student notebook computers that are on Mount St. Joseph University’s wireless network have access to several black and white, and color, Multi-Functional Devices (MFD’s) located around the campus: the CLC Open Lab 24/7 access, the Mount’s Library, the Student Gallery area by the Classroom Building, the Art Building, and the Harrington Center front desk. Students living in the residence halls have access to a B/W LaserJet printer on the Sixth Floor of the Residence Hall and may also bring personally owned printers to campus.

Can I purchase a notebook computer through the Mount?
The Mount no longer offers the option to purchase a notebook computer.  Our research shows that most, if not all students, have a notebook computer prior to enrolling. The Information Services and Support (ISS) Help Desk offers assistance with accessing Mount resources wirelessly from your personal Mac or Windows computer.

If I experience a notebook computer problem who can I contact for help?
The Mount has an on-site Help Desk and a Technical Support group. They support the notebook computers previously purchased through the Mount (4 year warranty from date of purchase). Both hardware and software related issues are addressed through the ISS Help Desk which is located in Library 30 in the Library Building. You can contact the ISS Help Desk via phone at 513-244-HELP (4357) or via e-mail at ISS.Helpdesk@msj.edu. The ISS Help Desk provides limited support for personally-owned notebook computers that students bring to the Mount. If your notebook computer was not purchased through the Mount and needs hardware repair or software installation, you will need to take your notebook computer to the place of purchase or to an authorized service provider for repair and support.

May I use financial aid money to pay for a computer?
A new notebook purchase price may be an eligible expense for financial options offered through the Mount. Please contact the Office of Student Administrative Services at (513) 244-4418 for more details on available financial opportunities.

If I bring a notebook computer for use while attending classes at the Mount, what kind of support should I expect from the Mount’s ISS Help Desk and Technical Support for my notebook computer?
You may stop by the ISS Help Desk and discuss what you need in software and hardware to insure that your notebook computer will access the Mount’s network. The ISS Help Desk will provide you with documentation to connect to the wireless Mount network, add the wireless student printers and also provide the download and installation process to install the Mount’s recommended anti-virus software (there is no charge for the anti-virus software). The Mount does not support software failure issues or hardware failure issues on notebook computers not purchased through the Mount. You will need to self-support those issues or take your notebook computer to the place of purchase or to an authorized service repair center. You will need to contact your manufacturer or reseller to review their process and procedures for returning your notebook computer for repair.

What anti-virus software is acceptable to use on the Mount's wireless network?
The Mount does not monitor anti-virus software, though it is highly recommended. Keeping anti-virus files current and installing current Windows updates are recommended along with keeping your notebook computer healthy and free of known viruses. MS ForeFront anti-virus is available with running Windows 7 or older operating system at no charge. 

My notebook computer currently has an older version of Microsoft Office installed. Can I install a newer version of Microsoft Office?  
The current Microsoft Office Suite supported by ISS is Microsoft Office Professional 2013.  Contact the ISS Help Desk for media availability and current charges at 513-244-HELP (4357) or by e-mail at ISS.Helpdesk@msj.edu.

What if I have additional questions that aren't answered in this FAQ?
Feel free to contact the ISS Help Desk with any questions that you may have on the Microsoft Office Suite of products and the versions we support.