Facility availability

We make the buildings and facilities at  Mount St. Joseph University available for use by the Mount community and the public. 

Meetings and events

Schedule meetings, special events and conferences through the Campus Facilities Office. We schedule facilities on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Events consistent with Mount culture

Planned programs should be consistent with the culture of the Mount, encouraging outreach into the greater community, service or high quality academics. Programs that build strong neighborly relations with parishes and services for fire and police are also encouraged.

Procedures for reserving facilities

Academic classroom space is allocated by the Registrar. Conference space is allocated by the Campus Facilities Office. Computer labs rentals must be cleared by the Director of Information Services and Support.

Planning requests

Planning requests, such as room set-ups, media equipment and special needs, should be made directly with the Campus Facilities Office. 

Food service requests should be made directly with the Director or Catering Manager of AVI Foodsystems.  


Rooms in Seton South and Seton East are rented only by permission by the Director of Residence Life. Several facilities cannot be rented, including the 6th floor chapel, children’s center, art gallery, and science labs.