Mount St. Joseph University is proud of the opportunities granted to our students through its on-campus living environment.

Living in the Seton Residential Center provides many benefits to our students:

Relationship Building: Making new friends is easy when you live on campus. The Seton Residential Center provides an environment that is designed to help students from around the country build relationships with each other and extend their personal and professional networks. They learn to work, study and converse with a diverse group of students.

Access to Resources: The students living on each floor are supported by a Resident Assistant, an upper class student staff member that is knowledgeable of campus resources and offerings. RA’s are here to help students identify resources on campus, meet new people, develop leadership and teamwork skills, focus on their studies and have fun. RA’s create programs that are intentionally designed to meet the needs of their residents.

Learning-Focused Environment: The Center is a great place to study and improve in-class performance. Students find it easy to receive academic support through regular and impromptu study groups as well as individual attention from other students in their classes. The Learning Center is located on the first floor of the Seton Residential Center, making it easy to find professional faculty and staff support as well.

Involvement on Campus: Students can get involved by attending our numerous hall programs or by becoming a student leader. They can apply to be Resident Assistants, one of the top leadership opportunities on campus, and can get involved in Residence Hall Council, a student-led programming board. Students that participate in these programs develop leadership and teamwork skills, time management skills, and organizational and administrative skills. They also gain experience with event planning, advertising, problem-solving and management.

Proximity and Convenience: Students in the Seton Residential Center live within 5 minutes walking distance of all classes and campus resources. Living on campus lightens your gas bill and eliminates the daily drive to and from home. This makes it easy to devote more time to studying, relationship building, relaxation and getting involved.

Independence: The University experience paired with living on campus provides students with an opportunity to learn to live independently. Students can maintain relationships with family and friends while also discovering how to appropriately manage their schedule, academics, finances, relationships and physical and mental well-being.

Security: Residents benefit from 24-hour surveillance provided by our Campus Police force. Students that find themselves in emergency situations or witness suspicious or unusual activity can contact Campus Police by calling 513-244-4226. Services include a 24 escort service, assistance with vehicle trouble, first aid and crime prevention programming. For the safety of our students, all guests are required to sign in at the Front Desk in Seton Lobby prior to entry into the Seton Residential Center.

Enjoyment: The Seton Residential Center is a wonderful place to create an enjoyable college experience. Programming and leadership opportunities are not only designed to teach students life skills, but also to give them a chance to have fun. Students are welcome to make suggestions to their RA’s regarding activities they would like to see in the Center.