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  • Etiquette Dinner prepares students for interviews

    Category: ceec, etiquette dinner, networking, sga

    Recently the CEEC and SGA co-sponsored the Etiquette Dinner, an annual event where students learn valuable lessons on networking.Read More

  • Exam Jam looking for volunteers

    Category: exam jam, sga

    SGA is seeking faculty and staff members to serve a late night snack to studentsRead More

  • Homecoming 2013: A week of spirit and entertainment

    Category: cab, homecoming, sga

    Every year, CAB and SGA organize a plethora of events for the Mount community during homecoming week.Read More

  • Exam Jam a chance for professors to serve students

    Category: exam jam, finals, sga

    Cramming for finals means faculty serving up...milkshakes!Read More

  • Here Comes Homecoming (2012)

    Category: cab, homecoming, sga

    Homecoming is fast approaching and the College of Mount St. Joseph is working hard to prepare for the week’s exciting events and activities.Read More