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Top Five: Back to School Tips

Dateline: student newspaper

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Editor’s note: Dateline will now feature a monthly “Top Five” column in which we catalog a random (and not-verified) top five list of whatever seems appropriate. Have a “top five” suggestion? Send it to and you might see it in our next issue!

Coming back to school can be stressful. The first few weeks are down, but the lion’s share of the work lies ahead. We know how overwhelming the semester can seem when your winter-break countdown is longer than the line at the bookstore on the first day. Whether you’re a returning student or a freshman, we’ve compiled some helpful hints to make the transition easier:

  1. Start off the semester strong.
  • Don’t slack off for the first half of the semester, you’ll regret it come midterms. 
  1. Don’t neglect your social life.
  • It can be easy to lose touch with your friends because of homework and classes but don’t forget to keep in contact with your friends from back home.
  1. Expand your circle of friends by meeting some new people.
  • Find a study-buddy, join a new club, change up your routine by sitting somewhere different for lunch and make some new friends.
  1. Don’t forget to set aside time for yourself.
  • Don’t lose yourself in school work. Be sure to set aside some time to unwind and de-stress.
  1. Take advantage of all of the fun things happening on campus.
  • SGA and other organizations offer a wide array of activities for students and staff. Be sure to take advantage of these great opportunities!