Mount St. Joseph University

The Kings and Queens of Carnage

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Zachary McCoy

File Under: drama, play, theater

There are few plays as funny and explorative of the intricacies of relationships as “God of Carnage”. “God of Carnage” also happens to be the play opening on May 17 by a talented cast that was brought together by Mario Pellegrino, who is also starring in the play as Michael Novak.

The cast includes senior Dana Langenbrunner as Veronica Novak, Molly Moran as Annette Raleigh, and David Lantz as Alan Raleigh.

Langenbrunner has this to say about being in the play: “I am in love with this play. From the way things are going this is going to be a great production. I am so thrilled to be a part of this and it’s probably the last production I will be doing and I think it’s a great way to end my senior year.”

This play is one of the most hysterical plays out there. I have read the script and even just reading it makes me chuckle (not to mention the actors). “We’re still laughing at ourselves as we say the lines, or we’ll start cracking up during a scene,” says Langenbrunner.

 Pellegrino also has the same reaction.“The rehearsals are going well except we all keep cracking up at the lines, which shows how good the writing is and how amateur we are,” he says. 

Despite his opinion, the cast of the play are as talented as they are brilliant. Pellegrino and Langenbrunner both play their parts beautifully and bombastically, and despite their occasional crack ups they play each part with gusto.

Moran and Lantz also play the very reserved characters of Annette and Alan wonderfully, making them as ridiculous as the writer had intended. 

Pellegrino wants to leave a lasting legacy with this play. It is his senior year and he hopes that the drama club can “keep building up plays in the future until we have ample fans and funds to get more and more creative and multiple shows a year.”

Fair warning for all those faint of heart: this show is for adults only. There is ample cursing and ample allusions to many adult themes that you would not a youngster to repeat in a second grade class. That being said, this play is a lot of fun and the Mount students who are in it are some of the most talented at the school, so check it out on May 17, 18 and 19. Look for news in the coming weeks for show times.