Mount St. Joseph University

New Faces at the College

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Megan Hatton

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Dateline would like to welcome Sr. Nancy Bramlage and Mike Casciato to the Mission and Ministry department here at the College of Mount St. Joseph. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Bramlage and Casciato to learn a little bit more about who they are and what they bring to the College.

Sr. Nancy Bramlage

Bramlage is starting her first year here at the College as the Director of Mission and Ministry. Before this, she worked at the University of Dayton for 15 years in Campus Ministry, focusing on social justice issues. She comes to the College with a Masters of Education with a religious studies concentration from Boston College. When asked why she chose the College of Mount St. Joseph, Bramlage stated that she is an alum of the College and has served on the College Board.

So what does she hope to bring to the College?

“I hope to encourage interest in the mission of the College that is already there and to give new energy to that,” said Bramlage.

In her spare time, Sr. Bramlage likes to watercolor, take walks in the woods and work with flowers. It is her goal to make the College “blossom” with passion for the Mount's Mission.

Future events that Sr. Bramlage is planning include a mini mission trip to Price Hill, a “Movies that Matter” series, and a faculty/ staff trip to  Emmitsburg, MD, where the Sisters of Charity were founded. For more information on upcoming events, please check out the College’s website at or you can email Bramlage at

Mike Casciato

Mike Casciato is the new Campus Ministry Coordinator here at the College of Mount St. Joseph. Prior to taking this position, he worked as a youth minister at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio. Mike graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Xavier University in 2008, and earned a Master’s degree in 2010. He chose the College because of the values and Mission inspired by the Sisters of Charity, and also because he is able to interact with students on a daily basis.

What does Mike hope to bring to the College?

He hopes to bring more programs focused on the relationship between faith and social justice.

It’s, “How our faith calls us to the issues that plague the world,” said Casciato.

He also hopes to expand his office to include individualized attention to specific areas of Campus Ministry and to increase  involvement among students on campus.

For more information about future events, please check out the College’s website or email Casciato at

From my brief time with these two members of the College, it is clear that they have a lot to offer to the campus, and I am excited to see the great things that they will do for students, staff and the community. Dateline and the College welcome you to the Lion Family!