Mount St. Joseph University

Moving to Missouri: A story of faith, fearlessness and family

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Katie M. Donovan

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Since the day I started school at the College of Mount St. Joseph I have learned one thing about this place that makes it stand aside from the others and allows it to feel like home: we are like a family, and that is a very beautiful thing.

Because the school is so small, many of you may be privileged to know or have been taught by one valuable family member, Dr. Peter Mosher of the Physical Therapy Department. During his almost seven years at the Mount, Mosher has been able to mentor and guide almost 200 students in their job hunt and clinical work. Not only this, but he has and still continues to touch lives in so many ways.

Only a short time ago in 2011, Mosher began having pulmonary troubles. After some determination from doctors, he was diagnosed with severe obstructive lung disease. The disease has significantly caused his respiratory health to decline over the past few years. But despite his frequent visits to the hospitals and breathing treatments, Dr. Mosher has remained incredibly strong and especially faithful in his struggle. 

Mosher is currently on a waiting to undergo a lung transplant. Every day he prays for the person who will unknowingly be the donor of his new lung. It took much prayer and consideration to go onto the list, but Mosher and his wife felt as a couple it was the best thing to do. Mosher wrote on his blog that, “…our family moves onward toward transplant with faith leading us to the right decision, the right time in the grace of this moment…”

From here, Mosher and his family plan to move to St. Louis, Missouri to undergo the surgery at Barnes Jewish Hospital. 

Last year, Mosher served as co-chair on the Mission Committee here at the College of Mount St. Joseph. Sister Nancy Bramlage, who served with him, told me, “It was obvious to me from the start that here was a young man who is really dedicated to the mission of the college and someone who has really soaked in the spirit of the Sisters of Charity.”

Bramlage then explained his strong desire to always do what is right for the family. 

Dr. Mosher is a husband to his adored wife, Eileen and a father to his two “precious” children Adah and Eamon. His wife and little ones mean the world to him. Sister Nancy shared just this past week how supportive his wife has been to him through the whole struggle. Bramlage said, “He and his wife have embarked on this journey together, and it is a journey of faith—faith that they are not walking alone, but that God is journeying with them.”  

Many other people are a witness to this faith as well. Take Mount St. Joseph’s physical therapist Jamie Bayliss, for example. She shared that Mosher “has always portrayed an exuberant amount of faith in God and leans on that as much as anything tangible in life.” Mosher frequently asks others for prayers in his journey, to which others have responded in abundance. 

I have also learned from many people who work with him that he is a wonderful teacher to the students. Dr. Lisa Dehner said, “his interaction with students has really inspired me…he inspires me to always think about what I’m saying to students. Because he is ten years younger, he just does that naturally.”

Bayliss also shared, “He is always a great source of knowledge and resources; encouraging, level headed, realistic, and attentive to the needs of students and the clinical education sites.” She went on to say, what a great an enthusiastic teacher he was, and that he, “was one of the greatest mentors someone could ever ask for.”

Positivity and an enthusiastic nature have always been something very visible in Mosher. Bayliss told me how “eager” he was to find the answers when starting at the Mount years ago. 

This optimism has certainly spilled over into his journey to good health too. Dehner said, “The words are not there. Words cannot describe how he can handle all this. To come to work every day and have the apt of positivity that he has is really amazing to me.”

Bayliss said that he would never complain about his breathing troubles or condition at work. Instead, he would continue to go about his day giving selflessly to others and students. 

Because the Mosher family will temporarily be re-locating, a prayer service and reception will be held at St. Claire’s church. It will be on Saturday, September 21, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm. The family asks that you register beforehand at the following address:

Please come and show your love and support for our friend, teacher, colleague, and Mount family member.

We wish Dr. Mosher and his family all of the best in their journey of faith together. Dr. Mosher, please know that you are in each of our prayers and will most certainly be missed by all of us during your time away.