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Mount student attends Presidential inauguration

Dateline: student newspaper


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Many of us watched it on television, read about it in the newspapers or viewed some tweet, post or comment on a social media site about President Obama’s inauguration in January. But senior history major at the College of Mount St. Joseph, Ashley Ivory, was able to witness the experience first-hand by attending the inauguration in our nation’s capital.

Through an internship with Cincinnati’s Mayor Mallory’s Community Affairs office, Ivory had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. and attend not only the swearing-in ceremony, but an inaugural ball and parade as well.

“The inauguration was a true celebration,” said Ivory, “everyone came together to support the President in a very positive and uplifting way.” 

During his acceptance speech, the President spoke on issues that touched Ivory, making it a very “personal speech” to not only her, but to others that support Obama and his campaign. “The President’s speech showed me that he truly does care about this country and providing everyone with equal opportunities,” said Ivory. 

There is often a lot of negativity associated with politics, but Ivory describes the celebrations during the inauguration as a very “positive experience.” “Everyone was in great spirits; energetic and happy,” said Ivory, “there was a true sense of community by all of the people at the events.”

While in D.C, Ivory was able to meet local government officials from cities all across the United States and also attended other networking events. Wanting to pursue a career in politics herself, it was a chance for her to interact and learn more about the political world.

“Being a history major and attending the inauguration helped me understand the importance of such an event,” said Ivory. “I never have to imagine what it was like; I was actually a part of history,” she said.