Mount St. Joseph University

Mount Event Blossoms Into Rewarding Charity Run; “Mount Miles”

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Amanda Gratsch

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The College of Mount St. Joseph has introduced the event “Mount Miles” to help raise money for up to 15 different charities, welcoming faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the surrounding community. The event is free and kicks off on Saturday, April 12, from 3-6 p.m. at Schueler field track.

Organized by Mount resident assistants Adrien Brooks, Jake Layne, Kelleen Scott, and Amanda Shelby, these students strived to make their last event of the semester really count.

Participants will bring their smartphones, as the miles they complete will be recorded on an app called “Charity Miles.” The RA’s have created a team on Charity Miles called, “Mount Miles” where participants can sign in at the event with their smartphone. Participants have the option of walking, biking or running.

The sponsors of the app will donate ten to 25 cents per mile to one charity that each participant selects from the 15 on the list, the funds varying on if they choose to walk, bike or run, according Scott. The app will track all of the mileage and will add up the money that was raised from 3 to 6 p.m. for donations.  Participants are encouraged to borrow a smartphone if they do not own one, and can still participate without a smartphone to support the cause. 

“We have to host a certain amount of programs each year, and we agreed this was the perfect opportunity to end the school year with a fun event while raising money for a variety of great causes,” says Scott. “I have decided to run for the Stand up to Cancer foundation, because it is a cause I am really passionate towards.”

Meanwhile, Mount graduate William Lambers, an author and journalist for numerous newspapers across the nation and is a large Charity Miles advocate, reached out to the RA’s to interview them on their inspiration to organize the event, according to Scott. 

“Amanda and I run cross country at the Mount, and after Jake introduced the idea to walk around the track to raise money, I thought of the perfect opportunity to incorporate Charity Miles.  I have used this app in the summer while running, and we all agreed it would make the event so much more rewarding,” she says.