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Mission and ministry takes group to experience diversity of culture and religion

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Some Mount St. Joseph University students, faculty and First Lady Carole Williams experienced the rich diversity of culture and religion present in Cincinnati with a trip to the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati in West Chester.

The Office of Mission and Ministry organized the experience. “We felt that events like this that provide opportunities for encounter are especially valuable in this time of confusion and division as we encourage the community to seek to understand the various traditions and cultures that bring colorful diversity to the city of Cincinnati,” said Charissa Qiu, campus ministry coordinator.

Those who attended expressed an appreciation for the wonderful hospitality the Islamic Center provided, and shared that they enjoyed learning more about the Islam faith and what it meant to be a Muslim person. "We learned that the phrase "Allahu Akbar" means "God is greater than...," which they use to remind themselves that God is greater than everything else in their lives - their job, money and material possessions, and on a personal level, their obstacles, weaknesses, and anger," said Qui. 

The Office of Mission and Ministry hopes to add more experiences with cultural diversity in the future.