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Goalball Tournament at the Mount

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Student in gym.

The College of Mount St. Joseph Athletic Training Club co-hosted the 2nd Annual Goalball Tournament with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) on April 6, 2014 in the Harrington Center.

Erin Beckwith, Instructor of Athletic Training, and junior Athletic Training student and Athletic Training Club president, Alex Logan coordinated the event with other Athletic Training students. The two organizations collaborated last year to create this fundraiser for the purpose of raising awareness for athletes with visual impairments and to raise money for their respective organizations.

“This activity provides our Athletic Training students with opportunities to experience the breadth of adapted physical activities/sports available for athletes of all abilities and ages and to identify their unique healthcare and sports medicine needs,” says BC Charles-Liscombe, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Athletic Training.

About Goalball

Goalball is a Paralympic sport played by athletes who are blind and visually impaired. The sport was developed after WWII as a way to keep blinded veterans physically active. It has now become the premiere team game for blind athletes and is played competitively by men and women around the world.

A team of three participants are blindfolded and roll a ball that has a bell inside of it to the other side of the playing area in hopes of scoring a goal. The exciting sport is fast paced, physically challenging and strategic.

Goalball at the Mount

“The unique aspect of this tournament was the ability for visually impaired and blind athletes to compete on the same competition field as individuals with sight,” says Charles-Liscombe.

Six Teams from the Mount and the CRC participated in a double-elimination tournament and socialized during lunch, donated by Chipotle. Local businesses including: Kroger, Frisch’s, Delhi Chili, Total Tan, Wishbone Tavern, and The Main Entrance all made donations to be raffled off at the event.

Both groups plan to continue working together on future goalball tournaments and other possible events.