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The College of Mount St. Joseph’s Art and Design students are now presented with the opportunity to have their artwork displayed in the College’s new off campus Gallery. Located at the corner of Price and Hawthorne Avenues, the newly renovated 1,300 square foot space is now home to the Flats Gallery. Recently opened to the public on August 24, the Gallery welcomes members of the community to experience artwork from Mount students, faculty, and regional artists.

The Gallery consumes the first floor of the 100-year-old Flats building, which displays artwork on the interior crisp white walls and exposed brick, accented beautifully by cascading light from the above track lighting. 

Velma Dailey, Associate Director of Flats Gallery says that “the space was offered as a site for the Mount St. Joseph Art and Design department to develop an off campus gallery space for the College.”

 The gallery allows The College of Mount St. Joseph’s Art and Design students to showcase their talents to the community. It also allows the Mount to support the community and is part of the College of Mount St. Joseph’s Urban Arts Partnership.

 Andrew Snell, a senior Graphic Design major at the Mount, was hired to be the current co-op student. His job includes creating flyers to advertise the Gallery, hanging up artwork for upcoming exhibitions and attracting people off the street to experience what the Flats Gallery has to offer. Snell said he “enjoys working in an urban environment and experiencing the change that is occurring within the area.”

“The College of Mount St. Joseph Art and Design Faculty Exhibition” is currently on display at the Flats. It features a variety of drawings, paintings, photography, graphic design, neon, ceramics, sculpture and screen printing. “The exhibition was chosen as a way to introduce ourselves to the community of Price Hill,” says Dailey.

 If you’re unable to make the current exhibition, there are plenty more upcoming exhibitions to be seen. The next exhibition, “A Love of Life”, will start October 2 and will continue until November 30. Photographic work from the members of the College of Mount St. Joseph’s Chapter of the Student Photographic Society (SPS) will be on display for all to enjoy.

 The Gallery is open to the public Tuesdays from 4-8 p.m., Fridays from 3-6 p.m., and Saturdays noon till 6 p.m. Hours are subject to change as new exhibits are installed.