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Etiquette Dinner prepares students for interviews

Dateline: student newspaper


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Recently the Mount’s Career and Experiential Education Center and SGA co-sponsored the Etiquette Dinner, an annual event where students learn valuable lessons about effective networking and sit-down dinner formalities.  Presented by Betsy John Jennings, Director of Extended Campus Initiative at Northern Kentucky University’s Grant County campus, students learned appropriate manners such as talking to people with a plate of food and a drink in their hands, which fork to use for the salad, and how to eat the bread accompanying dinner.  

Jennings explained proper etiquette using what she called PIE theory: Performance, Image, and Exposure.  She explained that in an interview situation, success is 5 percent of is based on performance, 15 percent is based on image, and 80 percent based on exposure.  It is extremely important to use proper etiquette to help land that next job.

Image, Jennings explained, is not just what you are wearing but also facial expressions, body posture, and other nonverbal forms of communication.  Exposure means a willingness to talk to people properly and make connections. 

The TOP (Talent Opportunity Program) is a program through the Career Center that helps students with career readiness preparation through a variety of classes, events and meetings. The Etiquette Dinner is one of those events, and participants eagerly shared their experiences. 

“The dinner was very informative and well worth the time and money,” Garret Robert Bascom said.   Alex Snider agreed, “I learned many new skills that I think will greatly help me with any future job meetings and interviews I may have.”  

For more information about TOP or other events like the Etiquette Dinner, contact the Career Center.