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Students at Freshman Orientation.

If you are considering a conditioning program for 2013 or you are running for the College of Mount St. Joseph in the Flying Pig Marathon, here are some tips from our Wellness Center. While it is always challenging in the winter, there are ways to continue to walk or run in the fresh air if you choose:

  • Be Seen: If walking or running in the dark, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.  Use a path you are very familiar with including any variation in surface. 
  • Be Aware: Pay attention to surface conditions, surroundings and vary your routine. This is a good time to exercise with a buddy.
  • Be Cautious: Trail runners work well in snow. Running cleats will also provide traction.
  • Layer Clothing: Start with a cotton layer to wick moisture, add a layer of wool or acrylic for warmth and finish with a water/wind barrier such as nylon. 
  • Gear Up: Remember to cover your head and hands.  You may need to shed clothing as you warm up.  Make plans ahead of time as to how to carry the extra items.
  • Stay Warm: There is a wonderful item called “turtle fur."  It looks like a tube of a turtleneck sweater and can be pulled over your mouth and nose and used to warm the air as you breathe.

Watch for the Mount’s listing on Bob Roncker’s site

The “Sit to Fit” conditioning program will start on March 11th here at the Mount.