Mount St. Joseph University

Communications and new media studies students visit Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Rev. John Amankwah

File Under: communications and new media studies, field trip, speechmaking

Rev. John Amankwah, Ph.D., an associate professor of Communication and New Media Studies, recently took his students to Columbus pay a courtesy visit to Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor to learn firsthand about speechmaking and decision making.

The students made the road trip to Columbus at the end of November last year to visit with the Lt. Governor and also watch the Ohio senate in session. The experience was part of an Advanced Oral Communication project, “Citizens Involved in our Democracy undertaken by Rev. Amankwah with his students.” During the visit, students spent some time with the Lt. Governor discussing the availability of jobs in the state, issues bearing on education, and investment policies and programs as the students thought these issues impacted their future. 

“Speechmaking is an art," Amankwah said. "It’s part of every democratic process. Our students will have firsthand experience of how leaders make effective speeches and make decisions. The project will also help students understand some elements of the ethical leadership program here at the College."

Before their visit, the class developed questions for the governor on jobs, the cutting back of food stamps for the poor, and investments programs that the state envisages for its citizens. These questions were sent in advance to Lt. Governor Taylor.

Danni Scholl, a junior at the College of Mount St. Joseph, was getting an up-close look at state politics in action. “I’ve always wanted to see how our state elected officials debate," she said.

Students completed research papers based on their trip-experience when they returned.