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College of Mount St. Joseph students head back to campus August 27

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Students at the College of Mount St. Joseph will return to campus on Monday, August 27, which marks the 50th year for the “new” campus at Neeb and Delhi Roads.  The Mount, once an all-women College located at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse, will have approximately 2,300 students on campus this year.

Students will notice a change in the campus quad when they return to class.  The Mount received a grant to update the quad and turn it into a more modern outdoor pavilion while creating additional parking spaces in the administration parking lot.  The state-of-the-art cement walkways around the pavilion are designed to absorb rainwater which is collected and used to water the surrounding grass on the quad.  The renovations also provide a new gathering space for celebrations and events.

New majors and graduate programs have also been added, including:

“It’s going to be a great year for Mount students,” said Tony Aretz, Ph.D., president of the Mount.  “We’re doing exciting things at the Mount.  We’re starting new majors, new graduate programs and creating valuable partnerships for more opportunities for getting students ready for their careers.”

Nick Clooney, a well-respected journalist, will be a guest on campus on Tuesday, September 25 for the Freshman Author lecture.  This year’s freshmen read, “Good Night and Good Luck” and Clooney will talk to students about investigative journalism during the day.  He will give a free lecture that is open to the community that evening at 7 p.m. in the College Theatre.

The College of Mount St. Joseph is an undergraduate and graduate Catholic college that provides an interdisciplinary liberal arts and professional curriculum emphasizing values, service and social responsibility.