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Bird banding at the Motherhouse nets a new flock of birds—and birders

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Professor holding bird

Jill Russell, Ph.D., an assistant biology professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph, will be bird banding at the Motherhouse the second Thursday of every month from 8:30-10:30am.  

Russell, a birder, recently returned from spending the summer in Alaska where she tracked boreal owls.  She and Marty Dermody, SC, have banded birds at the Motherhouse for several years.  In addition to the banding station at the Motherhouse, Russell and her husband also band birds at Hueston Woods near Oxford, Ohio.

"I've had several calls from some of the Sisters of Charity and people in the community to see if we'll be banding again this year," Russell said.  "We are and our students, and the community, are invited to join us.  It's a biology lesson that can't get more hands-on than this."

The next banding session will be Thursday, Oct. 11.