Mount St. Joseph University

Baseball Rapper

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Weston Atchison

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Local rapper, student, and dream chaser Davis Schaefer will look this summer to take his talents to Los Angeles to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Schaefer, a sophomore baseball player at the Mount, lives a double life as an independent rap artist. He began rapping as a sophomore at Lakota West High School and formed a rap group that included his friends a year later. The group released their first song, “Till I Collapse (Remix)” in January 2011. The original song, “Till I Collapse”, is by Davis’ own role model Eminem.

Schaefer started rapping because of his idolization of Eminem and because of the profound influence his music had on his life. Schaefer identifies himself with Eminem because his music says something in each and every bar. In the same sense, Schaefer tells stories and motivates himself and his listeners through his own music.

Being original and passionate about his craft is the key to success for Schaefer. To make himself better he studies, writes, records, rewrites and listens to other musicians every day. Schaefer has fully committed himself to the attainment of his dreams, and is willing to risk everything just to try to reach stardom.

In an interview with Eric Hensler, group member and close friend of Schaefer’s, he said what sets Schaefer apart from other rappers is “his style of rapping is what is actually right with hip hop music today. In our group we care about the craft, production, and what we have to say in each and every one of our songs.”

Hensler also said, “Within our group we strove to put ourselves on both sides of the mic.”

This summer, Schaefer will travel and stay in Los Angeles for two weeks to record with other artists who share the same passion. Schaefer believes the trip is an opportunity to learn more about his craft from a technological stand point. He will also have an opportunity to network to an even larger fan base--Schaefer already has just shy of 11,000 followers on Twitter.

Schaefer is headed to Los Angeles to, in his words, ‘change people’s lives’.

“The goal for this whole experience for me is to change people’s lives with my music. I want to make their lives better for having listened to my music; I know that I can provide that for people. All I need is the opportunity,” he said.

Schaefer is passionate and motivated to make it in this cutthroat business. A recent Dr. Pepper commercial puts this dream into perspective—according to their research there are more than 4 million kids who want to become the next big rapper. Of those, less than 58,000 try to make it independently and only 19 of those actually make it.

Despite those odds Schaefer says, “I believe in myself, and I’m willing to risk everything that I have for everything I want. Some say that’s selfish but I’m chasing my own dreams.”