Jill Russell | Mount St. Joseph University

Associate Professor

Department of Biology


Ph.D., M.S., Miami University


Dr. Russell is an associate professor in the Mount's Department of Biology.  She teaches a variety of classes including anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, psychopharmacology, and ornithology. Professor Russell is an alum, who received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the Mount, and both her M.S. and Ph.D. in Cardiac Physiology and Neuroendocrinology (respectively) from Miami University (Ohio).

Dr. Russell is an avid birder and bird-bander, and co-founder and Executive Director of the Avian Research and Education Institute, a non-profit bird conservation, education and advocacy organization. She is the founder and Director of the Mount’s Clifford Bird Observatory where students and community members participate in research projects designed to monitor bird populations at the Mount.

Dr Russell’s research also focuses on the growth and development of Boreal Owls in Interior Alaska.  These birds are considered a species of special concern, and her research looks at the effects of climate change on Boreal Owl populations.  Another Alaska project that Dr. Russell directs is partnered with the Alaska Peony Growers Association.  This project involves research on experimental plots of peonies at the Boreal Peony Farm in Two Rivers, Alaska where methods for growing peonies as an agricultural crop in an arctic environment are studied.

Dr Russell is a popular speaker at nature centers, civic groups and on radio programs.  She leads numerous birding trips locally, nationally and internationally and she is the adviser to the Mount’s Birding Club.